Primary Services Offered by Lever’s Concept Constructions in the Sunraysia Region

08 August 2022

The demand for properties has continuously increased over the past few decades. So, more and more builders have also emerged and presented themselves as the best option for property owners, especially those who want to own a home or a commercial building.

But the experience we have gathered over the last decade has allowed us to serve a wide array of clients in the Sunraysia region. At Lever’s Concept Constructions, we guarantee that our services will always be met with customer satisfaction. After all, the owners of the business will be the ones who will be contacting and coordinating with potential property owners.

If you are looking for a great shed and property builder, supplier, and renovator in the Sunraysia region, you may want to partner with us at Lever’s Concept Constructions. We offer the following services that can help you with your property needs.

Construct and Install Sheds

Sheds are outdoor structures that can be used for storing things and carrying out a wide array of hobbies. Given the importance of these structures to property owners, our team at Lever’s Concept Constructions can gladly provide them with sheds that boast great quality.

At Lever’s Concept Constructions, we can supply and install high-quality sheds based on your needs. Our sheds come in kits that are comprised of rectangular hollow sections. These components are known for their resistance to heavy loads and outdoor elements. They also boast high structural strength, allowing our sheds to last for a long time.

Construction of New Home 

For more than a decade, Lever’s Concept Constructions has been providing new home construction to families in the Sunraysia region. As you hire us in conducting this specific service, we will certainly guide you through the entire planning and building process with clarity, communication, and transparency.

Another thing that makes us capable of doing new home construction is we listen carefully. Every family has their unique aspirations. To ensure that your home design will be distinctive from others, we work closely with you and other clients to effectively optimise your home design based on your taste and preferences. We likewise only use the best materials out there.

Commercial Construction

We at Lever’s Concept Construction can also provide commercial construction services to business owners. Similar to residential properties, commercial buildings are meant to be a long-term financial investment for many people. Therefore, we only select the best subcontractors so they can provide optimised finishes for commercial properties.

And to ensure a great outcome, we accompany project owners from the crucial stages of planning and design through the construction period. We even keep them informed of the job progress throughout the project duration. We also finish within the agreed time frames so that business owners can already start with their operations and gradually gain revenues.

Renovation and Extension

Two more services that we offer are renovation and extension. Renovation is carried out by altering the appeal and function of existing buildings. Extension, alternatively, is done to add more living, working, or any other type of space on a given property, which can improve the overall value of the property as well as make the available space more useful.

Some renovation and extension services we can offer include home additions, home alterations, and bathroom renovations. All these things are done by qualified tradesmen and are supervised by the owners of the company.

To know more about us, call us at (03) 5022 1062 or send an email at You may also fill out our Enquiry form.

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