Doing New Home Construction in Mildura? Steal These 6 Genius Hacks Now!

28 February 2024

new home construction

Elevate your new home construction in Mildura with these 6 genius hacks from Lever’s Concept Constructions! Call us at 0407 092 350.

Building a new home in Mildura is an exciting journey full of choices. Make the process smoother and your future lifestyle better with these 6 clever new home construction hacks. They’ll help you personalise your space, avoid oversights, and incorporate smart technology. Read on to pick up insider tips and inspiration from the experts at Lever’s Concept Constructions.

Hack #1: Create a Decor Sample Board

Create a personalised design board for your new home by clipping samples of paint chips, fabrics, tiles, woods, and other finishes labelled by room. This visual reference aids your builder in translating your style into reality, allowing for easy arrangement and rearrangement until the perfect flow is achieved. Enhance communication and streamline the construction process by curating a tangible representation of your vision for each space.

Hack #2: Design a Mudroom Entry

Optimise the cleanliness and organisation of your new home by incorporating a well-designed mudroom entryway. With built-in cubbies, seats, hooks, and an indoor/outdoor mat, this dedicated space corrals coats, bags, shoes, and other items out of sight, ensuring a clutter-free environment. Consider separating the laundry facilities for added convenience, transforming your mudroom into a multifunctional and aesthetically pleasing entryway that seamlessly blends practicality with style.

Hack #3: Include a Built-In Charging Station

End the search for phone chargers with a seamlessly integrated charging station boasting multiple outlets, cables, and USB ports, guaranteeing that all devices stay powered up. For ultimate convenience, position it in a central area like the kitchen or entryway, creating a functional hub for everyone’s charging needs in your home.

Hack #4: Expand Outdoor Living Space

Leveraging Mildura’s temperate climate, optimise indoor-outdoor flow with an expansive patio or veranda. Furnished with a fan, lighting, heaters, and a convenient kitchenette, this outdoor space is designed for everyday enjoyment. Enhance the connection between interior and exterior spaces through strategically placed bi-fold doors and large windows, creating a seamless transition that invites a harmonious blend of comfort and nature.

Hack #5: Incorporate Smart Home Technology

Elevate your living experience with modern smart home technology that enhances safety, convenience, and efficiency. Explore features such as automated lighting, multi-zone climate control, integrated audio-visual systems, electronic window shades, and state-of-the-art security. Ensure a seamless integration by involving an installer early in the construction process, allowing you to enjoy a home that effortlessly aligns with your contemporary lifestyle.

Hack #6: Add a Pet-Friendly Zone

Include careful features in your home design that help your pets feel like they are part of the family. Construct an outdoor fenced area for play, complemented by built-in food/water stations and pet-accessible ramps. Additionally, designate a cosy indoor corner with pet beds to contain fur and smells, ensuring a harmonious and comfortable living space for both your family and furry companions.

Building a home tailored to your lifestyle and priorities takes thoughtful planning, even with a quality builder like Lever’s Concept Constructions. Incorporate these savvy ideas early in the design process to personalise your dream home. Reach out to us today to start maximising your new home investment with expert construction services from us.

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