How to Prolong the Service Life of Your RHS Shed

25 October 2022

Many property owners opt for sheds made from hollow rectangular sections or RHS due to many reasons. For one, RHS sheds have excellent compressive strength. Once installed, these sheds are expected to withstand heavy loads and forces. They can even resist heat, moisture, and other outdoor elements, which can be damaging for other types of sheds.

Another great reason behind their preference over RHS sheds is they can be installed and constructed conveniently. RHS sheds are likewise recyclable, allowing property owners to minimise environmental impact once they decide to remove them.

If you currently own an RHS shed, you might already know all these benefits. However, despite its strength and durability, you must still maintain your shed regularly to prolong its service life. Here are some things you can do to extend the service life of your RHS shed.

Relocate if Needed

One of the things you might want to do to prolong the service life of your RHS shed is to relocate it. Some areas of your property may be exposed to too many harsh elements. And if this area is currently occupied by your shed, you may want to relocate it to an area that is exposed to less heat, moisture, and other elements. Relocation may also be needed if your shed is close to your garage or parking space. Without changing its location, your RHS shed may only get dents and scratches due to frequent contact of cars with its surfaces.

Clean the Interior

Another thing you must do to extend your RHS shed’s service life is to clean its interior. You may have been using your shed to store cleaning supplies, chemical products, and tools for your property. Without organising them properly, they might only gradually deteriorate the surfaces of your shed. For cleaning supplies and other chemical products, they should all be sealed properly to prevent contamination and spills. Any dust or mud present on your tools must also be cleaned so that your shed interior will remain tidy and free from issues.

Waterproof the Roof

While your shed can generally be exposed to moisture, you should still consider waterproofing your RHS shed’s roof. Even though your shed is strong against weather elements, you must still apply some additional protection to this structure so it can remain durable. Your roof part, for instance, must be applied with rust neutralisers to prevent any form of corrosion. It should also be coated with a weatherproof compound to prevent moisture from infiltrating its surface. Without carrying these things out, your roof might soon rust and corrode due to water exposure.

Conduct Repairs

One more thing that you can do to maintain your RHS shed is to conduct regular repairs. Some parts of your RHS shed may have already attained some dents. Others may have likewise collected some rust. Once you spot these issues on your shed, you must carry out repairs right away. Before repairing the affected areas, you must clean them first. You must also peel off the paint or rust if possible. Afterwards, you must apply a coat of clear sealant and rust neutraliser. A primer and paint must then be used as the finishing touch to the repaired areas.

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